Jan 12th Using WHMCS 6.0.0

WHMCS 6.0 introduces a code-driven method for interacting with data stored in the database. Many tables in the WHMCS installation are modeled as classes available both internally to WHMCS and to third party code. These classes, based on the Eloquent 4.1 ORM library, model tables, columns, and relationships between tables in WHMCS' backend ... Read More »

Jan 10th Added WooCommerce Support

Latest releases for the hostme v2 now supports WooCommerce - Check out the details on the themeforest v4.1.0 – Updated – 19th November 2015 Cras vulputate semper lorem, id mattis nisl ultrices non. Nam ante urna, ullamcorper ut lectus non, feugiat cursus lorem. Pellentesque sagittis congue pellentesque. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. ... Read More »

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